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Nobody really likes you Dear. Ask Why?

I remember a beautiful story from my childhood. A boy used to walk miles to see a lake everyday. Everyday he used to walk miles to visit that lake and look into the crystal clear water of the lake. He looked himself into the lake and admired God for creating a handsome man like him. "I am the most handsome man ever.", he told himself. One day that boy died and didn't visit the lake. The lake waited for the boy for weeks but he didn't come. The lake became sad. The creatures of the lake began to die. On seeing this, God appeared and asked lake,"Why are you sad?"
"That boy, He doesn't visit me anymore."
"So, you love him?"
"No. He used to visit me everyday and in his eyes I look my own reflection that how beautiful I am!"
So, What do you learn from this story?

Nobody likes you, They like your view of them.

Nobody Likes You

Let me explain you this. Okay, Think and tell me about one person whom you always say harsh words, whom you always criticize and say 'I don't like your face', but still he/she likes you. Chances of finding such person is less than one in a million. The point is, whether it is you sibling or girlfriend/boyfriend, they admire what you think of them. If you want somebody to like you, you have to like them. It is that simple.
Nobody likes you, they like what you think of them, what you say to them, what sacrifices you do for them, what compromises you make in your life for them. If you'll do nothing, they won't like you.

So, next time if you find someone being rude with you. Think of a reason.
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