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I've Changed OR She's Changed?

Days, Months, Years pass and it seems as if we were young yesterday. The time passes really fast. We are always told that life is not a race but a marathon. But even that marathon doesn't last long.
We seldom notice that in the marathon of life, we doesn't always stay the same. We have changes; physical, mental and emotional. The stuff we like to do enthusiastically  in our childhood, we may not like it anymore in our adulthood. We could have gained new hobbies in our adulthood and those adulthood hobbies will also fade away with time. Our life is like seasons that continuously change. Well, it is okay to have a change in hobbies but what's tragic is to have change in feelings.
The one whom I loved, for whom I got crazy, broke shackles of social behaviour, and  see where have I landed myself! On the verge of a divorce.
I've Changed | She's Changed

What has changed?

Isn't she the same person?

May not be. But why? Have I been the same person?

I had a fight with her. She was angry, red-faced, smashed door at my back. Left home and didn't return. I was okay, I absolutely was. I got rid of her. I had my freedom, she had her's. I was splendid unless I came upon a fictitious story.

The Cobbler and His Wife

An old man worked as a cobbler and lived with his wife. He had a watch, his father's. It was so dear to him that he never wore it, dismaying that he'll damage it accidentally. Everyday, he used to take that watch out of his Almirah and swabbed it. One day, while cleansing the strap came out of the watch.
His wife had long hairs. One day his wife asked him for a comb so that she can groom her hair.
"I don't have any money. I even don't have money to fix my watch.", he said.
Next day, he went to a watchmaker and sold his watch. With the money he received, he bought a fancy comb for his wife. When he came back home, he saw his wife in a whole different avatar.
"Why happened to your hair?", he asked.
His wife unveiled her hand and there were few bucks.
"I sold them so that you can fix your watch."
The man embraced her into his arms.

Though this story is fictitious but it is telling us a non-fictional lesson that relationships are all about making sacrifices and expressing feelings. We are often so unready to acclimatize to changes that we end up spoiling our relationships. No relationship is perfect, but we can make it perfect by the little efforts. You may say, one-sided efforts will all be in vain. But it doesn't take anything to try.

I do remember the past when everything was flawless. Was it a dream or a charade? Her eyes don't speak to me now and neither my heart throbs for her. 
What has happened to me? 
Who's mistake is this?
I've changed or She's changed.

Authored By: Mohnik Choudhary
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