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Why you should lose Friends and Annoy People

Decades ago, Dale Carnegie came up with a theory that effectively helped millions to establish healthy social relationships in their society as well as workplace. The theory still holds pretty well as thousands and thousands of copies are still sold every year, making the book best of the best. But what if I'll tell you that the world needs a different theory today, that we're fed-up of being the fake version of ourselves, that we should stick to our originality. Today, I am writing this article that tells you pretty opposite of Winning and Influencing people, that is Losing friends and annoying people.
Why lose friends and Annoy People: TinyKrishna.

Why lose friends and annoy people?

Mr. Carnegie explained the value of healthy social relationships. No doubt, they are important. But the harsh reality is; you cannot give candy to each and everyone. You cannot please everyone around you. Let me bog you into a situation. Suppose you have to fund a project and there are two applicants, Mr. X and Y. You can fund only one of them and let's say you have healthy social relationship with both of them. Now, what you'll do? There are multiple answers and few stub-borns will say," None of them." Jokes apart, you have to tell either Mr. X or Y that you cannot fund his project. Mr. X/Y may handle the situation with a smile but inside his head, cascades of disappointment will flow. So, you cannot please each and everyone.
Mr. Carnegie's theory is good but it is telling us to be a different person, to become a personality that is far away from originality. There is always a scope for development in personality but I don't want to be a person who always suppresses his feelings, who doesn't criticize people when they are seriously wrong, who always put on a fake smile. Rather, I'd like to yell at people doing serious mistakes and smile at only those who are amiable. We all are not businessmen. It is true that we need to have healthy social relationships, but who wants to be a friend with a person who is not genial or friendly to us!


Think and Apply: TinyKrishna
We need a balance. Though this theory is really effective but we cannot apply it blindly in our lives. We need a balance. There are few people around us who don't deserve a good smile and polite behaviour from us. Think and Apply!

Authored By: Mohnik Choudhary
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