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Can Money buy you Love and Happiness?

 He stood in the middle of a street. A bag brimming with dollars was on the top of his million dollar car, wide opened. His expensive shades were on. He posed against his luxury car, with a board in his hand depicting 'Need a girl for a Night'. What do you thing had happened next?
Had he found any girl or not?
 I am talking about a prank that I saw on YouTube this morning and that motivated me to write this article.
Can Money Buy you Love and Happiness?

 Is money everything? Can money buy love?

These are few questions that will be mulled here.
Let's talk about that prank again. Not very surprisingly, that boy got response from dozens of girls. I don't know whether that video was genuine or fake, but that did produce thoughts in my tiny head, making me to scratch my scalp. And few visitors added to streaks on my forehead. A married woman along with his husband talked to that boy and I can bet you, judging her conversation, she would have 100% said yes if her husband weren't there.
So, Is money everything? The relationships of years, feelings, soulmates, love, Can money win over all these? It's a hard question and have a lengthy answer. And we'll touch all these questions one by one.

Money Brings Happiness.

All those statements which claim that happiness doesn't result of money are bullshit. I have read at hundreds of places that happiness is in your thoughts and money can't bring happiness. Believe me, these all the statements are garbage. Ofcourse there are plenty of other factors along with money that collectively result to the happiness of a person, but money is a prime factor. If you don't have capital to fulfill your basic needs, your desires, how you'll be happy! And this effects relationships also. Financial problems often result in relationship problems. So, the first thing we need to be happy is alot and lot of dollars.

You've to be poor to understand the value of money.

Few kids are born in the perambulators of Gold, embellished with Diamonds. Such rich kids can never understand the value of one dollar in their entire life. You've to face financial difficulties in order to understand the value of money. I had read somewhere that if you hate your job, take a small loan, if you still hate it, take a car loan and if you still hate it, take one home loan, you'll no longer hate your job. That day onwards, you'll learn to manage your money. One dollar note may look similar to all of you, but it has different values for different people. It could be alot valuable for a kid, less valuable for an adult and nothing for a big businessman. And the values changes with time and your status. We all are working for a better tomorrow, to become financially sound. But at any extent of that voyage, we shouldn't forget our past. Our past motivates us to work so that we won't face that past again. "Build your dreams otherwise someone will hire you to build theirs.", a wise man said.

Saving money can't make you Rich

Suppose you are a middle class Indian and you earn 30,000 rupees per month. Now of these 30,000 you save 10,000 per month. Now in a year, you'll save One lakh twenty thousand rupees and in next five years, you'll save Six lakh rupees. Sadly the money isn't enough to buy you even an average car. So, dear, saving the money won't make you rich. This is the difference between Millionaires and non-millionaires, the utilisation of money. Rich people are rich because they know to utilise their money. You can't become rich by saving your money, you've to invest your money, utilise it at proper place at the right time to become rich. Your money in the bank lockers is of no use. Utilize it.

Is Money Everything?

I guess, No. Money isn't everything. My grandfather died when I was too young. I can barely remember his face. So, can I get him back with my money. Absolutely No, nature is the supreme power. Though, money is an important factor in the relationships but it is just one of the dozens of factors. Relationships gained with money are tied with the thread of greed and selfishness. I don't think if anybody wishes to be in such relationships.

Money can't buy you true friends.

 True friends are a result of our mutual understanding, time spent together and sacrifices for one another. You can gain alot of friends with your money. But true friends can only result with your genuine actions.

Love is Nothing and still Something

Love can be defined as an attraction between two organisms. It results of similarities in characters, hobbies, conversation skills, looks, character. Most people find other people attractive who have similarities with them. Money is also one factor that is considered while choosing a partner but it has a restricted effect on the choice. If someone is looking for a time pass relationship then money is the prime consideration and if someone is looking for a life partner then money is just a secondary consideration. Again, money can buy you fake love and never a true life partner.

Authored By: Mohnik Choudhary
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