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Lord Krishna Stories: Then vs Now

The Lord Krishna, the most followed God of the Hindu mythology. There are lakhs and lakhs of temples of lord Krishna worldwide and every temple has its own story. When I was a kid, I was introduced to Krishna by my mother. Later on, there are spiritual and religious speeches(satsang) in every nook and corner of India and the stories about Krishna is the prime content there. I didn't like to go to hear those speeches as it's too boring to a child, but I was forced to. I used to go there and listen to those stories.

Lord Krishna Stories have Changed these days.

Lord Krishna Stories.
The Hindus are so religious that the cartoon characters are also inspired by the Hindu Gods. Almost all the famous Gods have been featured in Animated Films and Shows. I have watched alot of those shows and films. Although, they told us the same story, but still it was fun watching them. No-doubt, we knew exactly what will happen and who will win but it didn't curb our enthusiasm to watch those films and shows. And those films depicted the true story that is stated in the Bhaagwatpuran, the Hindu mythology book, just like Bible. But these days a new era has started. The fiction movies on Krishna. These days every new movie on Krishna has its own story and I don't like that.

You cannot play with Krishna

Don't play with Religion.
This will make Krishna, more like an imaginary character with dozens of different stories and who knows someday Marvel could feature Krishna. It may sound good to you, but the idea doesn't seem nice to me. Hindus worship Krishna, it doesn't seem okay to make fictional stories on your God. Those which have been stated in the Granthas(Religious Books of Hindus) are acceptable but framing new films in the quest to have bigger TRPs and to make money is not acceptable. That's something happening today.

Why is this happening?

Lord Krishna in an Ancient Story.
That makes me wonder why this is happening. And the answer is crystal clear to me. With majority of the population of India being Hindu and India being the second biggest country of the world, population wise, films on Krishna have a potential market there. And Hindus are crazy about Krishna, every year devotees celebrate dozens of festivals all over the India in the memory of Krishna. Stories about Krishna are on the tongue of every Indian mother. This gives the film-makers a potential subject to make films and shows and earn decent money. But since, all the stories almost tell the same story, it is difficult to make hundreds of films telling you the same story. So, to add some spice, the storyline is changed. 
You can say, it's nothing wrong. It's okay to make new films over this. But in my perspective, we should not play with the sentiments of people and the religion is not a subject to play with.

Indian are Religious

Holi festival being celebrated in India.

From the old days of the Black and White television to the today's LED TVs, Shows like Ramayana and Mahabharata never lost their popularity. The same story was told several times, but each successive time, it got more popularity. That will give you rough idea about the popularity of Krishna in India.
Politics have grabbed Religion.
But it is sad that religion today has become a source of business and politics in India. With the never ending issues like Ram Janam Bhoomi(a religious issue) and religion wise politics to gain votes by politicians, we are damaging our own religion, our own nation. But everything has a limit and I think the limit is being crossed these days.
We need a solution to this problem. The citizens need to speak up and the government need to take decisions to save the religious believes of millions of people.
I do remember, Indian Prime minister gave Bhaagwatpuran as a gift to foreign counterparts whenever he visited them. It's time to save that Bhaagwatpuran from being painted in different Colors. We have to save that religious book. Otherwise, sooner we'll see Volume 2 and 3 of our religious book.

What can we do? A pulse in my mind is asking what the hell can I do?

Old Painting of a story on Krishna.

I am a normal citizen with no power. The answer is, stop watching these shows and films with wrong storylines. With low TRPs, they'll automatically shutdown.

Authored By: Mohnik Choudhary.
 What are your views on this issue?
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