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How to Make Him/Her fall in love with You

Here is some insight you can use to try to make anyone fall in love with you. (Caveat: It’s not infallible — absolutely nothing is infallible — so will not work in some cases). Nevertheless, it can be very effective in helping to make someone fall in love with you. It is based on knowing how successful relationships work. Here’s what you need to know…

So, how to make anyone fall in love with you?

Fall in Love

 Putting it simply, falling in love is based on a combination of two factors: strong sexual attraction paired with friendship. It really does sound simple when put like that, doesn’t it, but that is really all there is to romantic love. But how do you make it happen?
The April Wine lyric ‘what if we fall in love’ is running through my head as I write this. Putting yourself into a romantic mood really seems to help with understanding how to make someone fall love with you, you don’t want to approach this in an uptight frame of mind if you are to be creative — and you DO need to be creative, as will become clear.

The Sexual Attraction

Sexual Attraction
Okay, let’s take a look first at the sexual attraction side of making anyone fall in love with you. This is how love usually begins — with attraction. The good news is that attraction is affected by personality — both the personality of the person doing the attracting and that of the person who is being attracted. Attraction can be modified — remember that. Attraction depends not just on the physical characteristics or attributes nature has given you, but on how you present them. For example, it is said that ‘clothes make the man’ — well, they can make the woman too — anyone can benefit from this. Think about it, if you wear clothes that seem to say “I’m above mixing with the likes of you” or “I’m too lazy to bother with nice clothes”, you are giving out signals about yourself. Look at the clothes of the person you want to make fall in love with you. What are they saying? This can give you clues to the person’s personality, that you can learn from. But if their clothes are not saying anything obvious then you might want to consider dressing in a similar or closely related style (don’t copy them exactly — that would spell disaster) on the principal that sometimes at least, ‘like attracts like’.

Doing the Right Thing

The Right Choice
The lesson here in how to make anyone fall in love with you is to try to learn what you can about the ’special someone’ you are interested in — not in a sneaky way or even a stalking way! Never invade anyone else’s privacy. Even apart from legal and ethical considerations the person would never fall in love with you then! You can easily learn what you need to know by seeing what kind of clothes the person wears and by chatting to him or her about what they have recently been doing for fun and recreation. This should give you food for thought in coming up with creative ways to attract the person. Is she interested in soccer? Mention that you are thinking of going to the match on Saturday but have no one to go with… Is he interested in autos? Perhaps you are thinking of buying a new car and would like some knowledgeable advice in choosing one? These are just examples — be creative!
If you can come up with a creative and romantic approach to the special someone you want to fall in love with you, even better. Perhaps you could send her a message ‘from your secret admirer’ or do something to help her that she will only later find out about by accident…? But be careful not to be intrusive — that could be seen as interfering.

Again, Looks!

Going back to appearance and attraction for a moment, the other lesson here is to look not only at your clothes but your hair, and if you are a woman, your make-up too. Many men appreciate a natural, minimal make-up look. Likewise, many women prefer a man to look well groomed with clean neat hair, whether it is long or short. Having clean, white-looking teeth is important too, as is smelling good. Side Note: Of course, if you want to turn someone off you can use all of these things too — if you are asking for example “How to make a man fall out of love with me?” then simply do the opposite of all that I am saying here! Bad habits can used to put people off, or by getting rid of those habits, to attract someone too.

The Attitude

Your attitude and approach is very important in your desire to make someone fall in love with you. If you appear confident and you are considerate towards anyone’s needs and feelings you will greatly increase how physically attractive you look. This may sound strange, but almost anyone is drawn to confident, helpful and considerate people; such individuals become more the focus of attention and may be seen ‘in a new light’.

Tiny Steps

This leads us on to friendship, the other vital component of the ‘falling in love’ process, if it can be called that. So, how to make him fall in love with you by being his friend? How to make her fall for you by being her buddy? The strict rule here is do not use this cynically. You must be genuine in your intentions. You must really care about the other person. You must want to help him or her. Just be there for him or her when he or she needs someone. Be a good friend, be supportive and helpful and — if the attraction is there too, love will surely follow.
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