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Sad truth of life- What happy people know?

You may have seen cheerful, joyous, vibrant people wandering around you. And your life is dull, without any direction. What these happy people know, that you don't. They know the bitter, sad truth of life. They know the harsh realities of life. They have wisdom that most of the human civilization lack. What are those verities? Why are they different? You need to mull and come up with answers. Here we have listed a few sad truths that will make you happy and confident at all the time.

Sad Truth of Life

Everyone dies, and so do you.

 Death is inevitable. Most of us know that we will die someday. But subconsciously, we have a misconception that that day is not today. We can die at any moment. Few of us are so worried and scared of dying. All of your loved ones, your mother, father, spouse, children, everyone has to die someday and that day can be today. We all are so unprepared to lose our loved ones that we end up landing ourselves in depression. We have to understand this. It can happen to anyone.

Sad Truth No. 2- Money isn't Happiness. 

We continuously crave for money. We want more and more. The targets are never achieved. The problem is, if you'll achieve a goal, the goalpost will immediately be shifted a few miles away. On achieving the next target, it will again shift

Happiness is in your pocket. 

Our obsession with finding happiness makes us unhappy.  The race that we run for happiness, ultimately makes us unhappy. Give time to your family, friends, hobbies. That is a pseudo race, the real happiness is in your pocket. It is sad that people are unaware of this in their entire life.

Donating money and Donating time are two different things. 

You cannot nourish your social relationships with money only. You have to give time. What we often take for granted is that social relationships are very sensitive. They need continuous efforts.

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You cannot make everyone happy

Please understand this, it is impossible to make everyone happy. If you'll try this, you will end up losing yourself. Have some values, principles. There will be people displeased with you, but you need not entertain them. Stick to your morals and values.

You're already a perfect version of you.

 Don't set new standards and try to change yourself because more women are attracted to Mr. X. Be yourself. It is important to change with time, but faking and copying others cannot help. Always be the real version of you.

Your actions speak more than your words.

Time is precious. This may sound boring to you or you could have heard this thousands of times. But just because it's ordinary, doesn't mean it isn't important. In fact, it is the most important point of all. Don't waste your time pondering past and future, focus on the present.

People don't pay shit to your sufferings. 

Only You're going to suffer.

Whenever you'll get bogged in problems, it is only you who is going to suffer. It is unacceptable, but it is a sad truth of life. People may give verbal support to you, but when you'll need help, only one out of ten will stand at your back. Understand this.

Invest in yourself

It is surprising that people may consider you selfish for investing in yourself. No! It is not. It is the most worthy thing to do. Invest in yourself.

Pleasure is temporary. 

This is the saddest truth. All the pleasures are temporary. They don't last forever.

Sad Truth- Remember to dance on the life Song.
You are the master of your life. The song of life plays only once, remember to dance on it. It's never late. 

What are your sad truths of life?
Tell us in the comment box.
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