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The routine of the Thousand Routines

Why few Routines are successful?

The routine.
A hectic day, embellished by daylong activities..Waking up at early 5, jogging, stretching, taking a shower, gulping breakfast, running to workplace as I could be late. Facing boss and people at office, a short lunch break, again bogging your head deep down into the work. It's been 3 ! And still humongous drudgeries are awaiting you at your desk.
 When you finally perch yourself at the evening, when the cascades of your day-long activities perch at your favourite sofa and you peer out of your window, a rain welcomes you. It seems as if the God is saying,"Son, you must've been so tired. Relax." It feels terribly fantabulous. I still had pending work but this work is perpetual. Rather I should enjoy the rain. So, I put the work aside and started enjoying the  rain. Peering at the droplets at the window, freaky thoughts clenched my brain. I thought, these droplets have travelled a long distance to land them on my window, from far-flung clouds to my window. But their life has been so easy. I mean, there will not be any hush and rush. "JUMP JUMP! You can't be late to reach the Earth.", such lines may never be a part of there world. Or there life can be as pathetic as our's. The master droplet may order," Damn droplet! Why your size is so small?" Or the earth may complain," You're two months late, my crops are failing." But these thoughts are fictitious and we need to mull the lives of the humans, who are probably the second busiest species on the earth(Ants are busier than us).
All of us have a routine, a phalanx of activities that we perform one after another. Have you ever wondered, Why few humans are better than others in job productivity? Like few are successful and live a fruitful life, while few escalate their lives to be dull and without any direction. It's routine dear. The person next to us just have a better routine. All of us have 24 hours in a day. If someone's rich, he's not going to have 25 hours in a day. We all have damn bloody TWENTY-FOUR hours. And if someone is outpacing you, it is just because he/she has a better routine. Think, out of the thousands of the thousands  who contribute to the global warming, Where does your routine stand?

Is your routine better than your friend's routine, your teacher's routine, your country's President's routine? Ask this to yourself, and you will get an answer that will satisfy your quest, that why you hold that position, that portfolio, that appointment. This world has thousands of appointments. People with better routines have better appointments. 


Now, we have emphasized too much on routines. Now,  this may reflect to you as, work as hard as you can. Stop sleeping, stop eating, desocialize yourself and Work Work Work. I never meant that pal. Life is meant to be lived. I said, pickup your appointment. You want to be a scientist in NASA, you have to work really hard. You want to just make your living and live a middle classer's balanced life, things can be different for you. I once mentioned the song of the life. Unlike other songs, this song is played only once  Don't forget to dance on it. Don't get so bogged, chasing your dream that you forget to dance. Live a balanced life. And the master rule, Winning friends is Winning the World. It defines how this world is going to remember you after your death.

People remember Adolf Hitler and they remember Dr. Nobel, but there is an astronomical difference. You write your own story that how you're going to be remembered.

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