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Magical Techniques to Uplift your BRAIN

You have a friend in your class who is damn smart, loaded with a sharp brain and handsome face. For his intelligent solutions, people often call him Einstein. Now one day, you and Einstein came to know that there is a place nearby your town which appears like Moon. Moreover, the gravity of the site is as low as the moon's. 'People have gone nuts!', You both thought, and thereby, you and Einstein decided to move and check out that place. Einstein has a car, so you both drove to the site.

How to Uplift your Brain?

uplift your brain
Astonishing! The place really looks like the Moon. The gravity is also low. It's offhand walking here. Fascinated by the situation, you and Einstein started wobbling here and there.
'What a beautiful rock!', Einstein said.
In the midst of the beautiful land, Einstein's feet froze. A shiver ran through his spine. 'There is no GPS and Cell-Phone signal.', said Einstein with a streaky forehead.
'It's impossible getting outa here. We have lost our way!', Einstein freaked out.
'Dude! Chill out. I know the way out of here.', you said.
'You're joking. Even I, I mean I don't know the way out. How can you?'
'Just follow me and drop the sh*t out of your head.'
Within few minutes, you landed him in front of his car.
'Dude, how come you? How do you remember the way back?', Einstein asked. You refused to tell him the secret recipe. After he requested a lot and agreed to make your assignments, you finally accepted to say to him.
'I have used various memory techniques to uplift my brain. Here you go.'

Techniques to Uplift a Brain

  1. Mind Map: You gave him an Example. Suppose you have hundreds of thousands of songs on a hard-disk. A situation arises in which you have to share specific songs to another storage device, and suddenly the search function stops working. In that trade, it will be beneficial if you have pre-categorized the songs into sub-folders. Like English, Spanish, French songs in different folders and New and Old songs in separate folders. Similarly, when you organize the information and knowledge in your brain, it will be simpler to remember the information. Mindmap is just visually organization technique in which you make a branch diagrams using keywords, colorful pictures to memorize the data. Tree charts, Infographics also work the same way. I have been using a picture at the end containing various memory techniques to mindmap this article.
  2. Memory Palace: This is my favorite technique.  In this method, we compare and associate a new place with a place whom we know very well like our house or college or colony. When I went out of the car, I thought I am moving out of my bedroom. I associated a rock I found with my TV and pit with my bed. Similarly, I associated different sites with different rooms of my house which made it easier to recognize the way back. Likewise, you can compare a section with your colony/college, or it can be any place of whom every nook and corner is unveiled to you.
  3. Visualization: Right from the beginning, you may have noticed that I have not emphasized on facts like how many steps I have moved left or right.  I have been trying to visualize things to remember. For Example, If you have to remember a name Silicon, it will be much easier to memorize it as following.
    Similarly, you can remember topics by visualizing them.
  4. Chunking: It is always uneasier to remember heavy data. Chunking is a technique to split the data into small segments and memorizing them. 
  5. Mastery: People often say they cannot remember names, dates as their brain is not sharp. Believe me, this is the most ridiculous, yes most absurd statement we make. It is just a matter of the practice. Like all other skills, recalling and remembering is also a skill. More you practice, better you become. It will take time to understand and embrace these techniques, but if you'll practical, eventually you'll become perfect.

On listening to your techniques, Einstein said," Wait!! Let me revise what you said."
'Exactly! I was about to tell you this. This is also a technique. It is utmost important to revise the data within few hours of memorizing it. Otherwise, we'll forget it. The topics which repeat over time, they become important to our brain, and it doesn't easily forget them. So, revising information becomes important.'
revise and practice

'Okay.', Now Einstein started repeating what he has learned,' First, you told me about mind mapping where we make branch diagrams and organize the information to memorize it. Second, you talked about memory palace where we compare a new site with a known site. Then you talked about Visualization. Visualizing topics makes it easier to remember. Later, you talked about chunking, to split the data to remember. After that, you advised me to practice, and at last, you stressed the importance of revisions. That's what I am doing now!', said Einstein in a pleasant voice.
memory techniques

Finally, they both come back home to read this article of TinyKrishna and to have a bonus tip!
You may have noticed that all the information has been presented to you in the form of a story. Why? Because it is simpler and entertaining to remember stories. I don't dare to bore you!
brain loves stories

Our brain loves, cherishes stories.
1. It is episodic. First this happened, then that and finally that. It makes topics easier to remember.
2. Stories are location based. So, our brain imagines, and imagining feel entertaining.
I bet, this story will be a part of your brain for years. Feebly or completely, it will definitely.
Hey! But you have read it only once. ;) 

Authored By: Mohnik Choudhary

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