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The Epic Personality Development Course [100% Effective]

Personality! This web has been flooded with the data on personality development. Just enter your search query into Google and hit enter. Voila! Google landed you onto a vast collection of more than 1 lakh articles. Will this text be any different from those? 

Somebody said Different! I can tell one thing for sure; you cannot resist yourself thanking me after reading this post.  That'll make you possibly understand the difference between this and other texts. Today, you're going to learn exactly how you can give a massive boost to your personal growth and land it into astronomical heights. 
the epic personality development course
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After reading this post, you'll learn:

  • How to have a killer First Impression?
  • How to attract people with your body language?
  • How to be courageous enough to dive from Burj Khalifa?
  • How to make people like you, go mad for you?
  • And then last but not least, How to attract anyone in 90 seconds?


Simple! Don't skip any section and read thoroughly. If you feel like requiring multiple reads, read again. Read and Apply. Don't just read and let it go, apply these learnings in your daily life. Test these techniques and find out how well they are playing for you.


Every person has two faces. One, which he/she plays in front of others like newly met people. The other look is unveiled to very few. Maybe some very close friends or probably no one knows that face. It is reasonable and essential to put on a face in front of others. Most of us do not put on that face intentionally; it comes up automatically. That version of us ensures to talk sensibly, be excellent and impressive. The other version doesn't refine words, talk insensibly. Having a sound face of the persona is crucial. If you think that you shouldn't put up a look and be the real version of you in front of every person, you're making a big mistake. You can think it another way, carve the regular version of you to a gentle one. That's my definition of personality development. Carve the obnoxious version of you to such an extent that there's no difference between the two faces of your character. 
What is the need for Personal Growth?


  • What's beautiful about the character of a person is that it isn't still. It gets continuously altered by the experiences and challenges in life. Every minute, day, week brings changes in our personality. Life isn't always milk and roses. More than often, we confront challenges. It is essential to have a daring temperament to prevail under those circumstances. 
  • You could have seen around you. Few people have a lot and lot of friends. And few poor ones have none. They sit alone, move alone, work alone. Another thing, some of us do not feel comfortable in social gatherings, and some are besotted with parties. All these differences are due to different characters. Few people have very likable personalities; they are the lives of the parties. You may have noticed; these people take an extra effort to approach others and address different people. We love to talk to them. And few always stick to corners at the social gatherings. If you are too shy to talk to others, it means you have low morale. All social relationships result out of your personality.


  • Before we talk any further about fancy topics like First Impression, you need to setup your psyche. Personality isn't all about your looks. Your appearance is just one of the dozens of the factors that are a vital part of your persona. 
  • You're Unique: You are one of the splendid works of the God. You have distinctive fingers and tongue impression and unique nature. You are one of your kind, and there is no need to copy anyone else. Feeling inferior to others can only make you sad. Never compare yourself to other people. You have your traits and characteristics. Be the real version of you.
  • A perfect dress: Have a good dressing sense. Good looks give you a lot of confidence. Dress well according to the occasion and the season.
    a perfect dress
  • Every new person is to explore: This is an important one. Never run from social interactions. If you find any new character around you at your workplace, school, college, society; go and talk to that person.
  • Your bed is not your right place: Get out of your comfort zone and move your hands around something new. An ideal persona is a master of an army of skills. Rather than squandering your leisure carry out something new. What about trying a new game, writing a blog. Just google it, and you will get innumerous suggestions.
    your bed is not your right place.
  • Kiss Failures: Failures are incredibly important part of one's life. Don't be afraid of them. Believe me, whether you realize or not; a failure teaches us prime lessons. They are the steps toward success and personality development.
  • Oh dear! You were close: A diamond digger was searching diamonds on the riverbed for years. Over the years, he examined countless stones but not fortunate enough to find a diamond. Tired of searching, he gave up. Frustrated by the failure, he picked up a rock and imploded it on another. There appeared a shining stone, a beautiful diamond. Who knows, the same will be your case. Never give up, keep on trying unless the success embraces you.
  • Words are the most potent weapons: So true! The words of a person have the power to make this world go to war. Communication is the supreme key to success. You need to master it. Never criticize anyone and be a good listener.
    words matter


  • Learn to praise the people in front of you genuinely. There's a difference between admiring and flattering.
  • Perform what you're passionate about and be passionate about what you perform
  • Be confident and patient.
  • Be a leader.


I talked about diving from Khalifa! No, we are not Tom Cruise, and we don't need to dive from Burj. But we at least need the courage to handle the people around us confidently and introduce our viewpoint efficiently. 
how to be courageous

A coward boy once visited an old man of his village and asked him to banish his fear of speaking to others. The old man set a condition. "I'll teach you if you'll accomplish a task.", said the old man. "Move to the nearby city for a month, stand in the midst of a busy street and speak loudly to every passing person that you're a coward.", The old man added. The boy's heart sank as this is what he is afraid of. As per the condition, he went to the nearby city and stood in the middle of a busy street. In the beginning, it was strenuous even to utter a word. As days passed, he started gaining confidence. He started speaking faintly and then loudly. "I am a coward.", He started speaking at every passing person. After a month, he was bold to put his eyes into the eyes of the passing people and utter his sentence. He went back to the old man and thanked him for overcoming his fear of speaking to others.  "How did you know that this will work?", asked the boy. "Fear is only a mental condition. When we face our fears, cowardliness gets substituted by bravery.", the old man replied.

It is the only way to overcome your fears. If you need to get rid of your concerns, face them. No doubt, in the beginning, you'll be uncomfortable meeting them, but with time, they'll fade away. If you're afraid of public speaking, address people. If you are scared of social gatherings, attend parties. It is the fastest possible solution to overcome those flaws.
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Do you know whether the interviewer will employ you or your dream girl/boy will like you, it depends upon just 10 seconds. Yes, the damn first 10 seconds. It, therefore, becomes utmost important to have an astounding first impression. A study shows that 70-80% chances that one will like you or not depends entirely upon first 10 seconds. By now, you must realize that how critical is the first impression for personality development. People unwilling crush, not just crush but ultimately destroy their first impression. Here are the mistakes people perform and screw their first impression.
the first impression

  1. Shaking hands horrendously!  People don't realize their obnoxious handshakes. Unless you don't practice, you are not going to perform it well. Grab your mother or father or any close friend's hand and practice this. Shake it! Grab it well. While shaking hands, eyes must not fall  on hands, eyes must be straight into the eyes of the other person.
    shaking hands
  2. Failure to maintain eye contact: When I meet someone and see them not making an eye contact, two things are sure. One, I do not trust them. Second, they appear weak. I can easily dominate them. Eye contact ladies and Gentlemen! If you're not performing it, the other person can potentially take advantage of this, and you're doomed. Yes, doomed! Cause nobody respects somebody, who doesn't maintain an eye contact with them.
    eye contact
  3. Too much perfume!  I won't say much about this. But this is what irritates me of many people.
  4. Hygiene: One of the most critical points. We shake hands with people and say 'Hey! Nice to meet you.' Suppose you met a person with crooked beard and hairs. Sweaty, dirty, crumpled cloths. We don't will even to shake hands with such people. Saying 'Nice to meet you.' is astronomical afar. Appear hygienic dear.
  5. Attire: We're not lame! Then why should we stand upon one leg? Attire matters a lot. Attire plays an important role when it comes to attracting others. If a man stands to pose like a woman, that no doubt will look hilarious at regular events. Vice-versa, men, don't find those women attractable who walk like men.
    attire is important for personality development
  6. You're not Hitler! Many people greet others with a damn severe face. Come-on! You are not meeting your ex. You should smile. Your voice should be bold, soft-toned. Your gestures should reflect your confidence.
    angry hitler
  7. Be attentive: Be a good listener, to be a right speaker. 


Finally, the chief topic. How are we going to attract others with our personality?
The first thing, you need to master the skills mentioned above. They are the base of personality development. Likable people are open, confident, friendly. There are sincere and trustworthy. Before you utter even a word, the game of attracting or distracting begins. The killer first impression! That's what we need. Here is the secret sauce.
attracting anyone
Whenever you visit a new person, he/she'll notice three things: your body, eyes and facial expressions. So, it is remarkably essential that these elements symbolize openness. To do this, you've to show interest in them. You've to aim your mind as well as your body at them. It will show your sincerity and openness. 
Go to the person and look straight into the eyes. It will establish trust. The moment you make the eye contact, you've to smile. Remember, smile broadly before the next person smiles. By now, the next person will subconsciously realize your openness. You've set a warm and welcoming mood. Now, you need to introduce yourself. You can say,"Hi, I am Shoruw." As mentioned above, you've to speak in a soft tone. It will trigger the next person to tell their name. You've to repeat their name.  A person's name is the most pleasing word to him/her. You can say,"Nice to meet you, Sohan." Again, repeat the person's name as much in the conversation as possible. And then, you've to lean a bit forward, just a bit. It will make a psychological impact on the next person. You'll appear more friendly. People hire and date others, which are similar to them. Now, you need to sync your voice with the next person. If he/she is speaking fast, speak fast. If slow, talk slow. Apply the above-said techniques and keep the conversation going and going. 
It is a big world to explore. Every new person is to talk. Go and expand your horizons! 

Hey! Did I miss a tip?
You can share your personality development tips in the comment box.
- Mohnik Choudhary

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