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the lifechanger
The Lifechanger

The boy's name was Eal Jorcop. He woke up early as it's still dark. He wanted to sleep more, but he had awakened just as his dream was about to complete. He had that same dream before. There also, he woke up as his nightmare was about to complete.
In the nightmare, he was in a room lighted by three candles on a shelf, to his left. Next to him was a vintage chair at a corner and a round table next to it. On the wall, above the candles was a faded canvas, with a ship in a violent water. There was something written on the canvas, in a language he was unable to recognize. There were downstairs at the right of the table.

"What are you comprehending?", a loud shaky voice shuddered the boy, his heart suddenly started pumping extra blood into his veins. The boy stumbled to step back as he turned around to see an old man with long white hair and beard standing just close to him. The man was wearing a gray robe.
It took few seconds to the boy to muster the courage to cobble a reply to old man's question.
"What is this place?",asked the boy breaking the long pause.
"This is a place to realize one's destiny."
"So, what is my destiny?", asked the boy more confidently.
"You know better than me. It is your destiny, you have to realize it."
"Who are you?"
"I am here to help you.", The old man answered standing still at his position, tieing his hands at his back.
"To help...in what?", the boy asked with an irritated voice and streaky forehead.
"In realizing your destiny.", responded the old man with a flat face, without any expression. The boy got more annoyed by the confusing replies of the old man.
"Every person has its destiny, something they strongly wish to achieve when they were a child. Unlike adults, children's dreams are fearless. But as we grow up, an artificial fear is propagated to us by the external world. Thereafter, we're afraid to dream. We think that such dreams are unachievable and we suppress our destiny. Think about your destiny son.", The old man added to make conversation understandable to the boy.

The boy thought about his destiny, a dream he wished to fulfill as a child. For few seconds, there was a complete silence. The old man's eyes were locked on the boy and the boy was reckoning a reply to old man's aphorism.

"I didn't have a dream."
"It's impossible.", said the old man with a smiling face. He raised his hand and showed his palm to the boy. His palm glowed and the boy's head felt heavy. The boy fell on his knees holding his head. As he reopened his eyes, he was lying on the bed in his room. His head was still heavy. It was an unpleasant dream.

A Bad day with Bad luck.

It was still dark and he wanted to sleep but he was unable to. He propped him up on the pillow and started thinking about the repeating dream. His mind was turbulent.
When his room started gleaming by the sun, he decided to take an early morning bicycle ride to settle down his mind. He was fond of bicycles. He took his devoted bicycle and set out on the street.  His mind was still stuck to the old man. He was approaching a turn on his speeding bicycle as an adorable girl child appeared of nowhere on her tiny bicycle. He directed the bicycle towards the right, then left, it was a narrow escape from the bicycle of the child but not from the wall. He was imploded straight into the wall. He was badly hurt. The father of the child rushed to help the boy.
"Are you okay!", asked child's father.
"Yes, I am", the boy said, regaining his feet.
"I am sorry for my child."
"It was my fault, too. I was over speedy.", The boy said and went towards his broken bicycle to inspect the damage. The bicycle was severely damaged. The front axle had completely malfunctioned. He picked up his bicycle and went to a bicycle shop nearby his house. The shop was a mess. Dusty floor, old faded furniture, and leaking ceiling. The boy recalled, the shop was one of the best and most popular once. He had bought his first bicycle from that shop. He still remembers the young child version of him, enforcing his dad to buy him a bicycle. His lips curved on recalling the sweet memories of the childhood. When he was a child, he wished to buy that shop, so that all those bicycles were his but there are no bicycles there in the shop now.
"Anybody there?", shouted the boy.
An old man appeared. The boy remembered, it was the same man who had repaired his bicycle many times when he was a child.
"How may I help you, sir?", asked the dawdling old man with his shivering voice.
"My bicycle has broken. Can you fix this?"
"That's what we do here, sir."
"It will take time to repair this. You may come back tomorrow to collect it.", replied the old man on analyzing the bicycle.
The boy nodded.
"The shop was one of the best of the town once. What happened then?", The boy was curious to know.
"Time's changed, son. These days, people do not prefer handmade bicycles. Everybody prefers machine-made, with different designs.", The old man said with saddened eyes.
"This was the shop of my dreams. I dreamed to own all the bicycles of this shop. I still own a bicycle crafted by you."
"Seems you are our permanent customer.", The old man said with an amusing voice. The boy smiled in reply.
"Any advances to be paid?", asked the boy.
"No, there is no need. You may pay after the bicycle gets repaired.", the old man answered. The boy smiled at the old man.
"See you tomorrow.", the boy waved at the old man and left the shop. He advanced towards his lodged room. These nightmares had been proving unlucky to him.

He took a shower, hurriedly had breakfast and set out to work as a laborer in a merchant's shop. There were boxes containing crystals which he had to shift from the godown to the shop.
"Why are you late?", the boy encountered the red-faced merchant.
"Sir, I was...", his sentence was wrapped up by the stalwart hand of the merchant.
"No cover-up required. After being late, you cannot build stories to shirk your duties."
"Sorry, Sir."
"Go to your work." The boy crooked his eyes towards the floor and went to the godown.
After few hours, while carrying a box of crystals he saw a customer at the shop. The customer resembled the old man, the man he had seen in his dreams. For few moments, his attention was diverted towards the customer. If you have a bad day with bad luck, the day becomes worse. The boy stumbled of the boxes of crystals lying next to him. The box of crystals he was handling, flew up few feet and then hit the floor with a Bang! The floor was flooded by the broken pieces of the crystals. The boy was looking at them. For few seconds, he didn't wish to look up at the merchant, he wished the time to stop. Slowly he raised his eyes and saw the merchant.
"Can't you even walk with perfection!",said the furious merchant, "The boxes you have thrown here, do you even know the cost of each crystal! And you dumbhead has scattered them into pieces as if they are gifted to you by your father.", the merchant continued. The boy again looked at that customer, it was no longer that old man. It is a completely different person.
"Where is that old man?",the boy regretted cutting the sentence of the merchant. The merchant became more furious.
"You better get tested yourself by a doctor. There is no old man here!", the merchant said. By the following hour, the boy was fired from the shop. His two months pending wage was ceased in the recovery of the broken crystals. He, dejected by the events of the day, went to his room.

"It has proven a bad day for you, my son.", the old man said.
"Stop calling me your son! All these problems in my life are gifted by you. I was thinking about you, my bicycle collapsed. I saw you, I lost my job."
"Sometimes the God has set hurdles in your path. But hurdles aren't bad. They are to strengthen you. The path to one's destiny is never milk and roses." The boy felt better on listening to the words of the old man.
"Look at that canvas, my son.", the old man pointed towards the canvas,"Do you know what is it written?" The boy shook no.
"It is written, a ship is safe in the harbor but that's not what ships are built for.",the old man said, "Similarly while realizing your destiny you have to face challenges and hardships, cause that's what you are built for."
"But there are millions who do not realize their destiny.", the boy asked.
"Well, there are ships which always remain at the harbor. They think they are not potent enough to advance to the open sea. They underestimate themselves. But God has provided an equal potential to all of its children."
"But I don't know what my destiny is.", the boy said.
"You need not know. Just do you Karma and leave rest on the God.", the old man said. The man went downstairs and fetched a small wooden box.
"Open this box, if once you find no way out of a problem. If all doors shut and there's no visible solution. Remeber! When all doors shut."
The old man handed the box to the boy, the box shined and boy's eyes got closed by the luminous box. When he reopened his eyes he found himself lying on his bed in his room. It was a pleasant dream but the box was nowhere around. It was still dark and he wished to sleep, but he can't, again thinking about his dreams.

Dear Bicycle

When his room started gleaming by the sun, he got up, this time to have a morning walk. As he went outside, he saw a box resembling the box he had seen in his dream, lying in the middle of the street. He rubbed his eyes, expecting it to be a delusion. But the box still relied thereon upon. He went near to the box, bowed and touched it intimidatingly. The box didn't glow this time. He picked up the box. He had a strong urge to open the box but the voice of the old man echoed in his head,"Open the box if and only if all doors shut!". He resisted his desire to open the box and put it in his pocket. Maybe his dreams are more than just dreams, a strong voice urged out of his heart. He proceeded to walk, again thinking about the old man. He was approaching the same corner as a girl child appeared on her tiny bicycle. He smiled at her and passed on. He went back to his lodged room, took a shower, took the very few money he has left and advanced the bicycle shop, keeping the tiny box in his pocket.
"Maybe that box has some valuable asset, that's why the old man told me to open it when all doors shut, probably to help me out of the adversities." He was pondering the box as a voice excused him. He turned around to land his eyes on a bright face of a girl. She had big pretty eyes with kohl. It was the most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever come upon.
"Can you please tell me where's Mohmit store?", the girl asked, stepping close to him to show him the picture of the store on her gadget. It took a minute to the boy to recognize the store and he finally answered,"Yes, Go straight and take a left."
"Thank you.",the girl smiled and proceeded her route. The boy smiled back and turned towards the bicycle shop. After walking few steps, he put his hand back into his pocket and his feet froze. He felt a shiver in his spine. He cannot believe his fate, how can God do this to him! His wallet was missing from his pocket. As he saw towards his gashed pocket, the girl was unveiled to him. He quickly turned his hand towards another pocket. He was relieved on finding the box there. He turned back and accelerated to the spot where he saw the girl. He went to the Mohmit store but the girl was nowhere. The boy was broken. It was the only money he had after his salary was ceased.

His bicycle was the dearest to him. He cannot lose it to the shopkeeper. Broken by the happening, he sat at a corner of the street.
"Is it what the old man had been telling me, "when all doors shut!" Maybe I should open the box now. But what if the God has set more adversities in my life! What if the future brings me more severe problems!" After asking few questions to himself, his heart finally decided to not open the box. He went to the bicycle shop.

"It's great to see you again.", the old shopkeeper said. The boy said nothing.  "Your bicycle is ready. You can collect it."
"Can I mop this floor or fix your broken ceiling or clean the bicycle accessories.", the boy asked.
"Why would you do that?", the shopkeeper asked. They were conversating as two customers entered the shop, bought few accessories and went back."Because I have no money to pay you.", said the boy. The shopkeeper went silent. A new customer entered the shop.
"I cannot hire you. I hardly make my living from the shop. So, you have to pay the money.", the shopkeeper said. The entered customer bought an accessory and went back.
The boy thought for few moments and finally said in a deplorable voice,"You can keep my bicycle.", saying that, he advanced towards the entry door of the shop.
"Wait.", the shopkeeper's voice paused the feet of the boy.
"You can take your bicycle."
"I cannot collect it without paying any money. Let me work on your shop for a week and later I'll take my bicycle back." The shopkeeper said nothing. The boy started dusting the furniture of the shop. Few more customers entered the shop and bought some accessories. The boy fixed the leaking ceiling, moped the floor and dusted the shop.
The Shopkeeper took the boy along with him for lunch to a small restaurant at the corner of the street.
"What about your family?", the shopkeeper asked.
"My parents run a garment shop. One day, a fire broke out into the store and they were burnt to death there. The bank ceased our house and shop in the recovery of the pending loans to be paid by my parents. I was shifted to my aunt's house. I was 15 then. When I was 21, I had a severe fight with my aunt's son and I left their house thereafter."
"Haven't you schooled?", the shopkeeper asked.
"I was graduating in Mechanics. I left it in the midst.", the boy replied in a deep voice,"What about your family?", the boy asked.
"We divorced. My son was given to my wife by the court. He may not even remember me now. He was too young then.", the shopkeeper replied in a despondent voice.
 They lunched and went back to the bicycle shop.
At the end of the day, the shopkeeper offered some money to the boy.
"You said you have no money. Have this money and eat something.", the shopkeeper said.
"No, I cannot accept this.", the boy said.
"Don't worry. You will not have to repay this.", said the shopkeeper in a disporting voice. The boy accepted the money.

The time runs like water. Days and months pass, we become old and it seems as if we were young yesterday. Soon, a week passed. That morning, the boy appeared to the shopkeeper to say a goodbye, to thank him for everything he had done for him.
"You should work on my shop.", the shopkeeper said to the boy.
The boy thought for a moment and finally said,"You hardly make your living from the shop. You cannot afford to pay me a wage."
"I think, you are lucky for my shop. My sales have increased since you are working in the shop. Maybe you should work here. You don't have any work to do. Else, you can live at my place.", the shopkeeper said.
It was a good deal for the boy. He couldn't help saying a yes.
The shopkeeper taught the boy to repair the bicycles. The boy started helping the shopkeeper in his work. The messed up shop, now appear a decent vintage shop.
Soon, a month passed. The shop was doing better than before. Both the shopkeeper and the boy were able to make their living from the shop.

"You should sell bicycles that you used to.", said the boy to the shopkeeper.
"Noone will buy them. I had stopped manufacturing them for a reason. Noone will buy old-fashioned bicycles."
"Then amend them and make them look fresh."
"How? I've become old. I don't have enough energy and enthusiasm left to redesign my bicycles."
"We can do this, together.", said the boy with a spark in his eyes.

The boy designed a frame of the bicycle on paper. It had characteristics of both old and new bicycles. The shopkeeper, with the help of the boy, brought that frame from paper to the iron. Then, they replaced the old frame of an unsold old bicycle by the new frame.
"Why don't you print the shop's name on it.", the boy suggested.
"I have never thought about this."
"What about printing 'Vincycles' ", the boy asked.
"Yes, It sounds good: Vintage Bicycles- Vincycles."
The boy painted the bicycle beautifully in white and orange. The bicycle was ready to sell. Within few hours, the bicycle got sold at the shop. The boy was really happy.
The boy prepared few more designs and they made few more bicycles of different designs. Months passed, and Vincycles started gaining popularity in the city due to their special and unique designs. The boy and the shopkeeper were earning decent money from the shop. The shop was refurbished into a big bicycle store.
Due to exaggerated demands, Vincycles contracted with other bicycle manufacturers and allowed them to make bicycles using their designs. The boy and shopkeeper have now become big businessmen.

One day, the boy was going through his old bag as a box appeared to him. The box reminded him of the old man and his dreams.
"I've never opened the box. Maybe I should open it.", again a curiosity to open the box came to his mind. He opened the box and saw an old photograph of Mrs. Bouncer, his old landlord. He went to her and showed the box to her.
"Oh! I've been searching this box so long. I've lost it. Where did you find this?", said Mrs. Bouncer.
"I found this on the street.", replied the boy.
Mrs. Bouncer thanked the boy for the box and he left her house.

"How are you doing, my son?", the old man asked the boy.
"This isn't a truth. This again is a dream. Isn't it?", said the boy.
"If it is a dream, it doesn't mean it isn't a truth.", answered the old man, sitting on the vintage chair at the corner of the room. Next to him was a small table.
"Last time, you gave me a box. What was in that box?"
"You opened it. What did you find?"
"It was Mrs. Bouncer's box."
"I gave you Mrs. Bouncer's box."
"You said, open it when all doors shut! Why would you wish me to find that picture in the box in trouble?"
"That isn't the lesson, son. A person is capable enough to do anything on his own. We don't realize this and doubt our ability. If you had opened this box in trouble, it had helped you in no way. The box was just to impart you confidence that you have something in your pocket that can help you out of the troubles."
"You talked about my destiny. What was it?", the boy asked.
"This is your destiny. Right from the childhood, you were passionate about bicycles. Today, you are the owner of a profitable bicycle company. When you work to achieve your destiny, this whole world helps you to achieve it. Even some bad happenings are good. If you hadn't broken your bicycle, you hadn't gone to this shop. If you hadn't broken the crystals, hadn't you lost your salary and hadn't you worked at the bicycle shop. Do you Karma and leave the rest to the God. If your mother had written your fate, she must have ensured finery. God loves you hundreds of times more than your mother!"
The boy became calm by the wisdom imparted by the old man.
"What is your name?", the boy asked.
"Lifechanger.", answered the old man.

 Authored By: Mohnik Choudhary

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Thanks Ashwin.