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[A Story] How to face cruel and harsh people

There are times we get harassed by others. Few people love doing so.  There is no particular reason for their such behavior. These people are just cruel, nasty. They have a company of other similar nasties. People with low self-esteem are often easy preys of these nasties. That's something reflecting the story of Jeff Davis, a professional speaker, and writer today.

The STORY of Jeff Davis

A beautiful Quote about Your Karma
A beautiful Quote about Your Karma

Jeff was a slow bloomer. Though he is more than 6 feet tall now, he was the shortest among all at the high school. He was often ridiculed about his height by others. During his senior year, he wore Invisalign braces, which fixed his tooth and corrected the pronunciation of many words. Back then, he was embarrassed for his pronunciations. All this triggered a set down in him. He felt unworthy, a garbage to be ridiculed.
When he went to the college, it was a golden time to fix the bitterness of the past. He can start over, have new chums but he wasn't that lucky. There he met Jack(Name changed to protect the privacy). Jack didn't like Jeff. Even today, Jeff doesn't know why. Sometimes, there is no particular reason, People perform to quench their egos. Jack loves to mock others. He and his fellow bullies can often be seen deriding others. Jeff was an amiable character. Egos of people like Jack can easily be burnt by characters like Jeff. Maybe, that was the reason behind such hatred of Jack for Jeff.
The self-respect matters a lot. Jeff had permanent acne on his face. To him, he had been fundamentally flawed. Jeff didn't wish at all to face any person like Jack. He tried, as much possible to escape him from the eyes of Jack. Jack noticed that and this aroused his keen interest in Jeff. Jack didn't mock on the height of Jeff, neither about his pronunciation nor appearance. He derided him on his lack of confidence, his failure to even have an eye contact with him. In the following events, Jack tried to suppress Jeff as much possible, verbally and physically. At a party, Jack asked Jeff to hide in a closet. In another party, he made him so embarrassed that he had to leave the party. Then at the gym, he pushed him violently and thereafter walked away. You may wonder, why people like Jeff don't retaliate! Because they have never been taught to hold the ground, to defend themselves. To them, they are unworthy and born to be ridiculed. But the truth is contrary, they are as normal as any other.
After harassed by Jack at few events, Jeff stopped attending Baseball parties and other social gatherings. He made him isolated, pushed him towards depression. Jeff started spending Fridays and Saturdays alone, at home. After few isolated and depressed nights, he finally decided to move on. He decided to leave his present social group of the baseball team. He started exploring new people, new friends. The beauty of this world is, you will never be short of people. If you'll lose one, thousands new will arise to be explored.
In a little time, Jeff gained a lot of new friends. Eventually, his baseball team mates came to know about his new friends. Few of them even told him that he was popular. Slowly, Jeff started gaining self-confidence. He has now guts to play along with the same baseball team. Later, during his senior year, he rejoined the team.
During one practice day, Jack came straight to Jeff and punched him on his face. Jeff was badly hurt. He took few minute to gain himself. Next day, he saw Jack in the library. Instead of retaliating, he asked him for a discussion. Jeff tried to inquire,"What made you punching me?" And he was answered that he was drinking the beer that was intended to be served to the whole team. Jack didn't answer in the usual way. There was softness in his voice. He knew that Jeff was drinking his portion of the beer. Jeff was still wondering why is Jack soft on him. Maybe, the big black eye he had given Jeff was melting his heart. Or he has realized, despite his deriding, Jeff has a good friends circle and has most of his opportunities. Jeff was shocked when Jack ended the conversation with a handshake.


People like Jack can be seen in every society. They will try to make you feel that you're unworthy. You are problematic, but you are not. Actually, they are the one with the problem. Believe me, deep inside their head, they feel unworthy, they feel depressed. So, what is the solution? You must do what Jeff has done. Explore new people. This world is not short of humans. You can explore hundreds of new fellows. Try to act normal in front of difficult people.

Talk to your friends and family members. 

At a point, Jeff was depressed and isolated. At that point, talking to a friend or family member can be highly helpful.

Don't Cross the Line, Be good.

Remember, what one does is his karma and how you react is yours. Don't take any wrong step in the act of taking revenge. Send them love and forgiveness.

Authorities are there to help.

It doesn't take much time to people like Jack to become a criminal. In that case, you must seek the help of the authorities. Like Jeff went to have a final discussion with Jack. If Jack, again sticks to violent means, Jeff must have gone to the authorities.


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