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[Be Grateful] Have you ever realized the wonderful things you possess?

People in some parts of the world could never have realized the real worth of few things. I at least had taken many things for granted. Being raised in a middle-class Indian family, I lacked gratitude for some of the blessings that God has gifted me.

I was raised in a small town in Northern India. The Northern India has to face long intensified summer where the temperature can rise above 48 degrees. The inhabitants of the town can be categorized as the locals and non-locals. More than 90% of the residents were middle-class locals, and rest were homeless non-locals, living in the slums.
BE grateful for whatever you have.

Those were the days of the summer when I was accompanied to home from school by my father. Eventually, the slums were along some portion of the route that I had to advance. So, I encountered those slums every day and witnessed the life of the slum. But I was too young for any effectuation.

As I grew older, eyeing the slums was an eye-opening experience. One day, on the same route, I observed a child bare feet walking on the concrete road. My feet were burning even in the boots due to the hotness of the road and the child was bare feet. The parents of the child were working on a nearby construction site. Citizens of few nations could never have seen women at the construction grounds. She, the mother of the child, was fetching bricks and cement for no more than $3.

As I observed another construction site nearby my house after few days, I realized the work routine of the slum workers. They came to work at 8:30 am and left the site at 6:00 with a short mid-day break for lunch. I could feel the hotness of the sun on noticing the worker wiping his face, flooded by sweat. I was sweating in front of a fan and air cooler, under a concrete roof. What would be the condition outside there in open! The child of the worker was playing outside on the hot sand as they cannot afford to send him to the school. And after all this hard work, they can earn just enough to feed them thrice a day. On days, they don't have work, they don't have food.

Few women of the slum worked as maids in the locality. I observed the routine of a maid. Each day, she brought a water bottle along with her and refrigerated it at the home she used to work. These people can't afford to have electricity, a refrigerator was astronomical afar. Thence, the chilled water was luxurious to me, whom many of us can't afford.  Even these people don't have water to bath. Many of them cannot afford a bath twice a week. Every day, when I used to have a bath with the cold pleasing water of the submersible pump after a hot sunny day, my heart sank with each mug of water on thinking about these poor slum residents.

Water, House, Electricity, a portion of us don't even have these basic necessities. Few of us aren't happy with our lives as they don't have a luxury of some car or they aren't satisfied with their wealth. Thank God for whatever we have. I feel grateful for all the things that have been gifted to me by God. Instead of feeling sad and frustrated for our possession, we must be grateful for whatever we have.

Authored By: Mohnik Choudhary

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